iRun Club

Desire To Inspire presents “iRun: Fly For July”

Spring is here and Summer is near!  Several friends asked me to be their running coach. So we have been inspired to launch the iRun (Inspirational Running) Club!

So what is iRun? iRun is a statement and hashtag that I have been using from day one of my running journey. Little did I know that it would later become a movement! Be sure to tag all your running photos with #iRunFortMyers and #DesireToInspireYou! Let us know when and where you are running!

How iRun? We will come together at 6:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 5, 2016 to Pray… Run/Walk… and Pray!

Are you Ready? The key is that you start where you are and take one step at a time!

Everyone wants to look and feel good for the summer so let’s lift each other up and get Fly For July!

“It starts with You… It ends with You… It becomes YOU!” ~ Desire To Inspire

Let’s Go…

Step 1 like us (Desire To Inspire You) on Facebook (

Step 2 Subscribe to Desire To Inspire You Events to receive alerts for upcoming club runs!

Step 3 Join us and have fun!